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Professional instruction in Dance, Drama and Singing. We offer a variety of classes for children to adults from 5 years in East Sussex & Wiltshire.

East Sussex classes provide Saturday Morning lessons in Musical Theatre (Singing, Drama & Dance) and Online Voice Coaching. Wiltshire provides 2 Ladies Choirs (SSA) and ENCORE – Children’s Show Choir and Voice Coaching and Singing Lessons. Why not come and join us!

The friendly environment of Theatre Sense provides an atmosphere conducive to learning skills which prepare pupils for the adult working environment through building confidence and ability to perform in public, or at least in front of an audience. Theatre Sense provides solid elementary stagecraft.

The teachers strive to help pupils grasp an understanding and the importance of the subject matter whilst gaining self confidence. This is essential not only for performing on the stage, but for every day situations, such as public speaking, presentations and interviews etc, which our pupils will need for the future.

In July 2013, we took some of our pupils up to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London as part of the highly prestigious ‘Young Performers Children’s Variety Show’ for the third time and have previously taken part in the Les Mis Kids workshop in London. Theatre Sense also aims to provide Theatre trips locally and in London together with various themed workshops. We have been featured on BBC Breakfast and have been involved with a Jamie Oliver/Sailsbury advert.

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